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    What are Bifold Doors?

    Aluminium bifold doors in Essex are a popular choice for those seeking stylish, space-saving 
    solutions. Installed on runners in the floor and upper beams of a doorway, these doors fold away like 
    a concertina, offering a unique way to save space and bring the outdoors in. Our bespoke aluminium 
    bifold doors in Essex provide a variety of configurations, materials, colours, styles, and finishes for 
    complete customisation. 

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    Types of Aluminium Bifold Doors in Essex

    Smart Aluminium Bifold Doors in Essex 

    Smart aluminium bifold doors in Essex, designed by the UK’s leading aluminium systems 
    company, offer unrivalled elegance and functionality. The Visofold 1000, a popular choice, 
    boasts slim profiles, full weather rating, and a range of customisation options. 

    Key benefits of Smart aluminium bifold doors in Essex include:

    • Aluminium construction with a low carbon footprint.
    • Various opening configurations for residential and commercial settings.
    • Enhanced security with a multi-point locking system.
    • Fully weather-rated threshold for durability. 

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    Origin Aluminium Bifold Doors in Essex

    Origin, a top specialist manufacturer, presents aluminium bifold doors in Essex with 
    impressive security features. Enjoy the benefits of an eight-point locking system, a wide 
    selection of colours, and up to eight-door configurations.  
    Key benefits of Origin aluminium bifold doors in Essex include: 
    • High-profile eight-point locking system.
    • Colour-matched gaskets and hinges.
    • Available in single, French door, bi-fold, and corner bi-fold configurations.
    • Ultra-strong aluminium profile with up to a 20-year guarantee. 

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    Schüco Aluminium Bifold Doors in Essex

    Schüco aluminium bifold doors in Essex combine lightness, ease of use, and thermal 
    efficiency. Featuring up to six glazed frames, these doors offer silent operation on corrosion
    free stainless-steel tracks.  
    Key benefits of Schüco aluminium bifold doors in Essex include: 
    • Enhanced thermal efficiency properties.
    • Easy to use sliding system.
    • Variety of opening configurations and wide customisation options.
    • Finger-safe gaskets for added safety.

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    Built-in Venetian Blinds

    Our aluminium bifold doors in Essex come with built-in Venetian blinds, offering full control of light 
    and shade. These advanced blinds, sealed within the double-glazed unit, provide a sleek and modern 
    finish in a variety of colours. 

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    The Benefits of Aluminium Bifold Doors in Essex

    Space Saving

    Unobtrusively fold away to expand your space, allowing up to 90% of a doorway area to be utilised. 

    Sleek, Contemporary Appearance

    Choose from an extensive range of styles, colours, finishes, and fixtures for a modern finish to your aluminium bifold doors in Essex. 

    Easy to Maintain

    Our aluminium bifold doors in Essex are incredibly easy to maintain, requiring little more than an occasional wipe-down and cleaning with a cloth. 

    Enhanced Security

    Particularly within the Origin range, our bi-fold doors boast enhanced security profiles with multi-locking systems. 

    Thermally Efficient

    Made from aluminium and incorporating double-glazing and thermal break technology, our doors are proven to be thermally efficient. 

    How does it work?


    Contact & Quotation

    Contact us for a quote over the phone, via email or visit our showroom for your aluminium bifold doors in Essex. 



    Once you have confirmed the specifications of your aluminium bifold doors in Essex, we will get in touch with you. 


    Site Survey

    We will undertake a full site survey before manufacture to guarantee a perfect finish and to ensure your satisfaction.


    Manufacture & Installation

    We will tailor-make your aluminium bifold doors in  Essex. If installation is chosen, our fitters will install your products efficiently



    Following installation and once payment has been made, we will issue your guarantee.  Aluminium comes with a 10-year guarantee. 



    We will be on hand from the beginning to the end. If there are any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

    Frequently Asked Questions…

    1. Are bifold doors suitable for both residential and commercial use?

    Yes, our aluminium bifold doors in Essex are versatile and can be applied in both residential and commercial environments.

    2. What materials are available for customising the doors?

    Our doors come in aluminium, offering a sleek and modern appearance with a low carbon footprint. 

    3. How secure are aluminium bifold doors in Essex?

    Doors from our Smart and Origin ranges feature multi-point locking systems for enhanced security. 

    4. Do you provide guarantees for your doors?

    Yes, our aluminium bifold doors in Essex come with up to a 20-year guarantee for peace of mind. 

    5. How much do aluminium bifold doors in Essex cost?

    The cost of aluminium bifold doors in Essex will vary, contact us to discuss your requirements. 

    Why choose us for your aluminium bifold doors in Essex?

    Essex Window & Door Centre | Bespoke Windows, Doors & Roof LanternsExpertise 

    With years of experience, we are experts in providing quality aluminium bifold doors in Essex. 

    Essex Window & Door Centre | Bespoke Windows, Doors & Roof Lanterns

    Quality Assurance 

    Our aluminium bifold doors in Essex come with guarantees, ensuring longevity and customer satisfaction. 

    Customer-Centric Approach 

    From initial contact to aftercare, we prioritise your needs and satisfaction every time you come to us. 

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