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Welcome to Essex Window and Door Centre, your leading destination for contemporary and affordable roof lanterns in Essex. Our commitment to delivering professional, high-quality services has made us a trusted name in the industry for roof lanterns in Essex. If you’re seeking a modern and budget-friendly way to enhance your home, look no further than our roof lanterns in Essex. Get in touch with us today for a consultation for roof lanterns in Essex.

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    What are roof lanterns?

    Roof lanterns in Essex, designed to grace flat roofs in pyramid or crested elongated pyramid shapes, bring a flood of natural light into your living spaces. Our roof lanterns in Essex showcase slimline technologyThis, combined with style, strength, and intelligent detailing means that they are one of 
    the most aesthetically pleasing products on the market.

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    What types of roof lanterns are there?

    We provide a range of roof lanterns in Essex which offer slim profiles and elegant designs to blend into any home. Boasting luxury and contemporary styling combined with modern high-performance systems, these roof lanterns will elevate your home wherever they’re positioned.  

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    Essex Window & Door Centre | Bespoke Windows, Doors & Roof Lanterns

    Titan S1 Roof Lanterns in Essex

    Our Titan S1 roof lanterns in Essex boast innumerable benefits when compared to other makes on the market. Titan roof lanterns boast a sleek appearance that brings a contemporary ambience while maximising the use of light and space within your home. 

    Benefits of Titan Roof Lanterns in Essex 
    •  Slim aluminium frames and up to 50% less bulk than other units.
    • Heat reflection and thermal insulation.
    • The glass reflects over 60% of the sun’s solar energy.
    • Stunning aesthetics.
    • Easy installation and maintenance. 

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    Essex Window & Door Centre | Bespoke Windows, Doors & Roof Lanterns

    Where should a roof lantern be placed?

    There are many ideal locations for your roof lanterns in Essex including: 
    • Hallways and corridors.
    • Stairways.
    • Dining areas.
    • Kitchens.
    • Orangeries.
    • And many more.  

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    How much does a roof lantern cost?

    The cost of roof lanterns in Essex varies depending on the size required. We have a selection of standard sizes available but can also supply made-to-measure bespoke-sized lanterns. Therefore, we recommend getting in touch with us to discuss your requirements and to receive a quote.

    Our ‘Edge’ Roof Light
    In addition to roof lanterns in Essex, we also offer a stunning roof light solution in The Edge. Its polished edge-to-edge glass exterior is not only stunning but also has many practical benefits. Whilst allowing maximum light to flood in, the Edge keeps unwanted heat out and room temperature constant. A welcome standard feature of the Edge is laminated security glass on the inner panel. This addition gives you peace of mind that it cannot be penetrated and that the laminated glass is shatterproof so will provide optimum safety.

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    The Benefits of Roof Lanterns in Essex

    Abundant Natural Light

    Experience a flood of natural light in your home with Essex roof lanterns, creating a welcoming atmosphere and contributing to your overall well-being. The infusion of light enhances the ambience of your living spaces, making them more inviting and enjoyable.

    Elevated Design Aesthetics

    Roof lanterns in Essex are a fantastic design choice that elevates the overall aesthetics of your space. With an array of customisation options, you gain complete control over the design, ensuring a look that perfectly complements your taste and style.

    High-Performance Glazing

    Our roof lanterns in Essex feature cutting-edge 28mm glazing with a 1.0 u-value W(m2K) centre pane. This contributes to energy efficiency and provides you with versatile options, such as laminated or acoustic Insulated Glass Units (IGUs).

    Versatile Colour Options:

    The aluminium profile of our roof lanterns is powder coated in three standard colours – white, black, and anthracite grey. For those seeking even more customization, a dual-colour option is available at no extra cost.

    Choose roof lanterns in Essex not just for their practical benefits, but also as a design element that transforms your living spaces into well-lit, aesthetically pleasing environments. Enjoy the perfect blend of functionality and style with our customisable, high-performance roof lanterns in Essex

    How does it work?


    Contact & Quotation

    Contact us for a quote over the phone, via email or visit our showroom for your roof lanterns in Essex.



    Once you have confirmed the specifications of your roof lanterns in Essex, we will contact you. 


    Site Survey

    We will undertake a full site survey before manufacture to guarantee a perfect finish and to ensure your satisfaction.


    Manufacture & Installation

    We will tailor-make your roof lanterns in Essex. If installation is chosen, our fitters will install your products efficiently.



    After installation and payment is made, we will issue your guarantee for your roof lanterns in Essex. 



    We will be on hand from the beginning to the end. If there are any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

    If you’re in search of secure, contemporary, and affordable roof lanterns in Essex to elevate
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