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The ‘Edge’ Rooflight

The Edge is a rooflight solution that ticks every box. Its polished edge to edge glass exterior is not only stunning but also has many practical benefits. Its clever design allows any water to simply glide off its surface, and not be hindered by perimater sealants or protruding frames. Standing only 63mm above the roof upstand, it will blend seamlessly into any project.

Whilst allowing maximum light to flood in, the Edge is working to keep the unwanted heat out and he ambient room temperature constant, giving you the benefit of year-round comfort and performance.
A welcome standard feature of the Edge is laminated security glass to the inner panel. This addition gives you peace of mind that firstly, it is very difficult to penetrate from outside, and secondly, in the event that the inner pane is compromised, laminated glass is shatterproof so will provide optimum safety.

Benefits of Titan ‘Edge’ Rooflight

  • Heat reflection and thermal insulation.
  • The glass reflects over 60% of the sun’s solar energy.
  • Stunning aesthetics.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Self-cleaning glass.
  • Toughened top pane.
  • Laminated bottom pane.

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