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Are you devoted to finding the best window and door installation service in the areas of Essex, Kent and London or within any of the surrounding areas? Have you been disappointed with previous window and door instillation companies? Are you looking to decrease the cost of your energy bills whilst increasing the value of your property? Don’t go anywhere because Essex Windows and Doors are at your disposal.
A bright window is the right window so it’s time to turn your vision into reality. With a bespoke service from our highly proficient fitters here at Essex Windows and Doors, upgrading your home has never been so effortless until now. Imagine relaxing on a Sunday evening with your favourite drink in your hand and watching the sun set from the own comfort of your living room, sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

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Why should you choose Essex Window and Door Centre?

We understand that customers can run into a few minor snags that can turn into major problems once sticking with a particular window and door fitting business. It is known for post-instillation issues to arise once having bi-fold doors fitted to your home, this is why we assign our fitters with years of experience to make sure you don’t have to encounter any of these issues. Having our type of experience in this industry means that we are highly skilled and knowledgeable about the service we provide. If the job is done to a lesser than a required standard, problems such as drafts, increased energy consumption, warping and misalignment problems can occur, resulting in unnecessary added costs and wasted time for you as the customer. For every job that we carry out for our customers, we ensure that each step we take is done the right way precisely, making Essex Windows and Door Centre beyond comparison.

We provide a variety of products that have been fabricated within the UK that range from our custom made aluminium bi-fold doors which are environmentally friendly and secure including a multi-point locking system, to our slim profile Atlas and Korniche roof lanterns that provide a stunning architectural masterpiece in your home. Bi-fold doors are not only for interior rooms designs but for exterior use too. They are able to create a passageway from your kitchen to your porch, garden or swimming pool, creating an airy, easy exit and entrance from the outside.

Why you should choose our Bifold doors?

Looking for bi-fold doors in Essex? Essex Window &Our bi-fold doors are made from a premium aluminium material to ensure added strength and security, making your home impenetrable to home invaders. Although uPVC is considered very tough, aluminium comes out on top in regards to strength and style. The strength of this material allows your bi-fold doors to acquire more of a slimline and sleek appearance, ensuring modernity and a sophisticated look. Studies suggest that exposure to natural lights can have a positive impact on one’s physical and mental wellbeing. Factors such as vitamin and energy levels are some of the tasters that sunlight and ultra-violet rays can have a beneficial impact on one’s mental health. This is why bi-fold doors are the go-to solution when looking to maximise natural light in your household. Our product can create more of a sense of space for our customers with the implementation of creating a physical link between our customers and the outdoors. We operate throughout Chelmsford, Brentwood, Upminster, Basildon, Romford, Essex and throughout all surrounding areas.

What our customers say about our Bifold Door installation service

To show you that our customers love us here at the Essex Window and Door Centre, we would like to highlight some of the amazing things our customers say about us! One customer stated “Our bi-folding doors look great in our new extension. They have really opened up the back of our home.” and another praising “Would highly recommend. Quoted both on the front door and bi-folding door and fitted to a high standard on the date given. Excellent customer service from both the showroom staff and the assigned fitters. They worked a full day and did an excellent job.”

The value of our product doesn’t get any better than this!

We understand that the price is the main cause of concern when adding bi-fold doors to your property. It is no secret that aluminium is not the cheapest option as opposed to uPVC however, there are many benefits as to why you should pick the aluminium material. Although uPVC is not as weak and brittle as wood, uPVC is still expected to stain and crack over time whereas aluminium is a more robust compound, making the longevity more significant compared to uPVC. As time goes on, the architectural designs are evolving to be more modernised than ever, as a result of this, more homeowners are shifting towards the use of aluminium as the deciding factor when picking materials for the doors of their homes. Because aluminium is a far stronger material than uPVC, the thinner frame is able to hold the same weight but leaves the door looking cleaner and more elegant. With our aluminium bi-fold doors, they are the strongest material available and you as the customer are able to choose the size of the frame that is more suited to your lifestyle and they are lightweight and easy to open and close. Whether you are somebody who is looking for a bi-fold door to blend in with the architectural design of your property, or somebody who will want your door to stand out, we have you covered!  What is not to love about them!

Our showroom is located in Brentwood Garden Centre, Essex. If you are interested and would like to find out more about our bi-fold doors, please feel free to contact us here at Essex Window and Door Centre for your free, no-obligation quote today. Call us now on tel:01277 233513 or email us at

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    So, If you’re in need of Bi Fold Doors, then look no further than Essex Window and Door Centre!

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