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You’ve decided that you want to open up the back of your home, to see more of the garden, to make your home lighter and give it a feeling of space.

You know that’s the plan, but what are the options? There are of course sliding doors, French doors, or bi-folds. They all have advantages and disadvantages depending on your property, but today we’re going to look at the advantages of bi-fold doors, and hopefully help you to decide if they’re right for you and your property.

Bi-fold doors of course feature multiple leaves which can fold back to open up as much or as little of the back of your house as you choose. At Essex Window and Door Centre we install aluminium doors for their strength, longevity, and low profile.

Aluminium is the best material for the job because it is strong and lightweight, and due to these properties the doors are slim enough to slide right back and give you a completely unrestricted view of your garden.

Bi-folds are of course more expensive than for example, French doors, but the advantages are huge. They require very little space when open and can be almost invisible once slid back. They are slim and elegant and although they are a fairly modern invention they can still look good in period properties if correctly installed.

The aluminium that we use is incredibly strong which apart from making our bi-folds long-lasting also protects your home from burglars, making it more difficult for them to force entry.

Our Bi-folds also come in a range of colours to suit the rest of your décor. Some customers want their doors to blend in with the existing property and others like them to stand out and be a feature of their home. At EWD we can advise you on colour, size, and style to make sure that your new bi-folds suit you and your home.

It’s common knowledge now that light is good for us humans, not just the vitamin D that we get from the sun but the feeling of well-being from having light flooding into your home. What better way to achieve that than with a beautiful bespoke set of bi-fold doors?