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White upvc box sash windows installed in a victorian building

Owning a period property is a rewarding experience, steeped in history and charm. However, maintaining it requires careful attention to preserve its character while ensuring it meets modern living standards. Here are some essential tips to help you look after your period home.

Regular Inspections

Period properties often feature unique architectural elements and materials that need regular inspection. Start with the roof, checking for damaged tiles or slates, which can lead to leaks and structural damage if neglected. Ensure gutters and downpipes are clear of debris to prevent water damage to walls. Internally, look for signs of dampness, such as peeling paint or wallpaper, and address these issues promptly to prevent further deterioration.

Authentic Repairs

When repairs are necessary, it’s crucial to use materials and techniques that match the original construction. For instance, lime mortar should be used instead of modern cement in brickwork repairs to allow the building to breathe. Seek out skilled craftsmen who specialise in period properties to ensure that repairs are sympathetic to the original design and construction methods.

Sympathetic Upgrades

Upgrading a period home to modern standards requires a sensitive approach. For example, when installing insulation, opt for breathable materials like sheep’s wool to prevent trapping moisture. For windows, if they must be replaced consider UPVC sash windows that will keep your home warm and draft free whilst preserving the charm. Similarly, our Heritage doors, both external and internal offer traditional styling combined with strength and durability whilst not compromising on aesthetics.

Preservation of Original Features

One of the charms of period properties is their original features, such as fireplaces, cornices, and wooden beams. Regular cleaning and maintenance are vital to preserve these elements. Wooden beams should be treated for pests like woodworm and regularly inspected for any signs of damage. Fireplaces should be cleaned, and chimneys swept to ensure they remain functional and safe.

Sensitive Decorating

When decorating a period home, it’s a good idea to choose colours and styles that complement its era. Research the colour palettes and patterns typical of your home’s period. Using traditional paints and wallpapers can enhance the authenticity of the interior. However, don’t be afraid to mix old with new; a tasteful blend can create a harmonious and comfortable living space.

Garden Maintenance

The garden is often an integral part of a period property’s charm. Maintain original features like stone walls, pathways, and mature trees. Planting schemes can reflect the historical period of the house, using traditional plants and layouts. Regular pruning and care will keep the garden in harmony with the home’s character.

Professional Advice

Lastly, consider seeking advice from conservation officers or heritage consultants. They can provide valuable guidance on maintaining and restoring your period property, ensuring any work complies with regulations and preserves the historical value.

Maintaining a period property can be a labour of love, but with careful attention and respect for its history, you can ensure it remains a cherished and beautiful part of architectural heritage for years to come.

UPVC Box Sash Windows in colour Chartwell Green installed into a stone built country building