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Real estate concept with wooden blocks on plaster background flat lay. hands enclosing house model.

It’s summer! And if you’re a Brit it’s an unwritten rule that you grab the sun

cream and head out to the sun. Whether that’s a Mediterranean beach holiday, an English seaside town, or just the back garden, it’s always just as well to ensure that your home is secure.

When the temperature rises, it’s tempting to leave your doors and windows open day and night, especially if you’re at home. If you’re away for any length of time, obviously you lock all doors and windows before you leave. But even if you’re in the garden or asleep in your bed it’s a good idea to think about security.

If you sleep at the back of the house, maybe close windows at the front. If you’re out in the garden for a barbecue, or just a laze in the sun, make sure your front door is locked, and your front windows are secured, particularly if you live in an area with few other houses close by.

If you’re away for any length of time, make your home look lived-in, cancel any deliveries, papers, milk. Ask someone to remove any post which might accumulate, and consider investing in timer switches for your lights to give the impression that you’re at home even when you’re out of the country.

Let a trusted neighbour or family member know you’re away, and ask if they can pop by once or twice just to check that everything is as it should be. You can offer to reciprocate when it’s their turn for a holiday.

We all love to eat al fresco in the summer, but before you throw a steak on the barbie make sure you’ve taken a few safety precautions; Only use the correct fire lighters, never petrol or paraffin, ensure the bbq is on level ground, and keep a bucket of water next to you for emergencies. Ensure young children are kept away, and only dispose of the ashes once they are fully cold. Oh, and don’t drink too much alcohol if you’re the chef!

An obvious one perhaps, but bonfires and summer weather are never a good idea. Grass and foliage will be dry, and could catch fire easily. It doesn’t take long for fire to spread if there has been little rain in the proceeding days.

Make sure pets are kept out of the sun, especially in the hottest part of the day. Ensure that their water bowls are frequently topped up, and watch for any signs of heat stress.

Of course, most of this is obvious, but it’s easy to forget in the excitement of seeing some sunshine.

Have a great summer everyone.