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Christmas Wreath

As Christmas is almost here we thought this month’s blog should be less about windows and doors and more about the time of year. Love it or hate it, celebrate or not, it’s very difficult to ignore.
At EWD Centre we love Christmas, mainly because it means meeting up with family and friends, those that we haven’t seen for a while and those that we see more often.
Although we’re always busy and it is a bit of a rush, we still like to do the whole decorating thing, and the most important item for us is of course the tree. We like a Nordman Fir because the slight blue tinge to the branches gives it an extra magical touch. They’re also very long-lasting and rarely drop needles. We buy ours from Brentwood Garden Centre where our office is based, so it’s just a case of choosing the one and popping it into our van for the drive home.
We said we weren’t going to mention doors, but we do love a nice Christmas wreath. It makes the front of the house seem instantly more Christmassy, and this year when lots of us are thinking about the cost of power it’s a cheap, stylish alternative to lots of flashing lights.
Although we love a full-on Christmas, some of us have decided to forgo large presents this year in favour of donations to charities. There are so many worthy causes out there, everything from homelessness to animal welfare. That doesn’t mean that we won’t be exchanging any presents, but they’ll be smaller and more sustainable.
The same applies to cards, because of the uncertainty of them arriving, the cost of postage and the possibility that some of them are not recyclable, we’re sticking to e-cards this year. Admittedly, it’s not quite the same as seeing the room decked with cards from friends and family, but we can live with that.
Of course, the highlight for many of us is Christmas dinner, but how many times have you surveyed the aftermath and thought ‘I’ve just bought way too much food’? We do it every year! While we’re still having the traditional turkey with all the trimmings, who doesn’t love a roastie? We’re just trying to buy what we and our guests will eat, and not enough to feed the entire street for the next week.
How ever you celebrate Christmas, we would like to wish you all a very happy one, and we’ll see you back in the new year.

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