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Spitfire Pink

Colour is something that most of us see all the time, from the minute we open our eyes in the morning until we close them again at night.

Essex Window and Door Centre, we hope the name speaks for itself, we fit doors and windows, so why are we talking about colour?

Since we started in the business many years ago things have changed beyond all recognition. There was a time when you could have any colour window frame or door you wanted as long as it was white, and if you did want a different colour door you had to paint it.

Now, however, the range of colour in both window frames and doors is as wide as your imagination. If you’re happy to pay the price we can source almost any colour your heart desires. We recently fitted an aluminium front door for a lovely customer in fuchsia pink. The customer gave us the colour and we arranged for the door to be powder coated in their favourite colour.

The door was to sit alongside grey window frames, and the combination of grey and pink really worked. It has also given a traditional home a contemporary standout look, without spoiling the character.

All well and good, but how do you decide on the right colour for your home if you don’t have a favourite?

I think we all know that colours can affect our mood, make us feel uplifted or even a bit down. They can also have special meanings, remind us of happy holidays or less pleasant places we have visited such as doctor’s surgeries or hospitals.

If you like the idea of a more contemporary look for your home, but are struggling to decide, here are some things you might like to keep in mind.

On a basic level, colours fall into two categories, warm and cool. Warm colours such as red, orange, yellow, and combinations of these provide the illusion of heat and warmth because they remind us of sunlight and holidays.

Cool colours such as blue, purple, and green provide a sense of calm and relaxation because they are a visual reminder of our environment, grass, water, and sky.

For example, a yellow front door could be a great pop of colour on an otherwise muted house but coupled with yellow window frames might be a bit too much, although the delivery driver would certainly never miss your house.

A green front door looks luxurious and can also coordinate with any planting if you have a front garden. Bay trees, for example, look great next to a sage green door. Blue is a favourite colour of ours and ties in nicely with delphiniums or hydrangeas planted close by.

But, as we said at the start, whichever colour you decide on, we’re pretty sure we can provide it for you, so why not pop into our Brentwood showroom for a chat and bring an example of your favourite colour along with you?